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Building network for MSPs

Cian Joyce

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Hello, @Cian Joyce!

All of the network topologies have their pros and cons. First of all, you have to set your company's priorities and define what your resources are. Based on that, you can move forward and check different types of networks that can be used. In our blog, we have multiple articles that can be helpful for you.

  1. This one explains the concept of network topology, the difference between physical and logical topologies, the peculiarities and use cases of the following types of topologies: point-to-point, bus, ring, star, tree and hybrid. Additionally, you will find some information on the types of cables you can use in every single case. https://www.nakivo.com/blog/msp-network-topology-for-beginners/   
  2. This blog post is a perfect further-read as it is centered on more advanced and complex networks, such as traditional 3-tier hierarchical, clos and multi-tier clos. In addition, you get explained the essential aspects that affect the layout of your network, like the top of rack vs. end of row network connection schemes and layer 2 vs. layer 3 connection. https://www.nakivo.com/blog/msp-network-topology-for-beginners/    

Let me know if you require any extra information.

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