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Best way to back up AWS EC2 instances


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@eric_76 @mark007, I wouldn't recommend using snapshots as a backup method for your AWS EC2 instances as it has several limitations, such as:

  • High security risks. If your cloud credentials leak, everything including EC2 instances, volumes and snapshots can be deleted within seconds, resulting in complete data loss and no way to recover it.
  • Very basic retention policy for storing data. You can either keep a long chain of snapshots and overpay for storage or keep a short chain of snapshots and hope the older data won’t be needed. Another option is to spend time on manual snapshot administration. All of the choices aren't efficient.
  • You can't perform granular recovery. EBS volume snapshots are exactly what they sound like: just snapshots. All you can do with a snapshot is restore it to an EBS volume. This means that you cannot perform any kind of granular recovery from the snapshots.
  • AWS snapshots are only crash-consistent.  A crash-consistent state is good for file servers, but not for applications and databases, which store portions of data in memory and have incomplete I/O operations at the time a snapshot is made. 
  • AWS snapshots store all data without using any data reduction techniques. Therefore, you spend much more money on your storage.

For security reasons and budget savings (up to 4x times), I recommend you use a third-party solution. You can check NAKIVO's offer for your Amazon EC2 backup https://www.nakivo.com/aws-ec2-instance-backup/ 

Let me know if you have more questions. 

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