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Best way to cloud backup (storage)

Ezequiel Kich

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I have a JOB on local disk for backing up Hyper-V VMs. It's OK!
I've hired an S3 from Wasabi (S3 Object), and I've set it up as a repository in Nakivo.
My internet link is 50 Mbps / FULL

What is the best scenario to keep a backup in the Cloud?
- Doing a direct backup to the cloud?
(in this scenario, Nakivo will keep the VM snap until it finishes, and it may take time to upload the 2TB of data)
- Make a Job Copy of the local data to the repository in the cloud?

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Hello @Ezequiel Kich!

Make a Backup Job Copy of the local data to the Wasabi repository.

Please keep in mind that to transfer 2Tb data with bandwidth 50 Mbps you need to spend about 3 days 17 hours. 


Please keep us posted.

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