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  1. I added 4 workstations, which were shut down for the night, to my inventory. Is it possible to stop the errors for the non-responding workstations and the error for the transporters (the same as for the workstations) that do not respond? (or can I turn it into an alert so I won't receive any emails?). For the errors of the workstations I receive an email every 2 hours and another email for the transporters (the same of the workstations). Do you think for the future to create a dedicated section where we can configure alerts and error messages? It would be useful to be able to check the presence of the workstation and the transporter only when the backup is to be done. I understand for a server that it should always be on, but for a workstation it can happen that it is turned off for the night or for the weekend or for the holidays. Just as it was thought, the management of physical machines is unmanageable for an inventory with some workstations other than 3 or 4. The error messages generated in this case risk losing focus on the really important error messages (real transporters not responding, storage not responding, vcenters or resources that must always be present that do not respond). Loris
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