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  2. Hi thanks for the response. It's static memory at 32GB.
  3. Please clarify if the Dynamic memory allocation is enabled for the SQL server? If yes, what is min and max RAM settings?
  4. In case you mean "Recovery point" under "Point in Time", then the answer is yes, NAKIVO Backup&Replication supports Point in Time for Disaster recovery.
  5. Hi, A bit of background relevant to the question; We have a hypervisor with 48GB RAM. This is intended for only 1 virtual machine, a very high volume MS SQL server on the underlying SSD storage. The guest VM will be using 32GB RAM, so 75% of the RAM on the host. It is not yet backed up by NAKIVO (I will be adding it this weekend to give it time to perform the initial backup). I would like to enable screenshot verification on the VM when I do add it, but this will take the memory usage over what the host has when it does a Flash Boot to verify the screenshot. Is it likely to just fail, or will it spill over to the configured page file? Or is there any way I can set it to have a lesser amount of RAM when it does the Flash Boot? Thanks in advance.
  6. Does NAKIVO support Point in Time for Disaster recovery? Thanks
  7. Our team is excited to announce the official release of NAKIVO Backup & Replication v9.1! The most anticipated features are finally available: Backup to Tape, Linux Server Backup, Instant Verification and Windows Workstation Backup. The fully-functional Free Trial version is here https://www.nakivo.com/resources/releases/v9.1/
  8. Last week
  9. Testing of beta version for tape is finished for now. GA release of new version is planned in few days.
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  11. The release of GA v9.1 is planned in few weeks. As for Office365 backup support, the beta testing of this is planned for February.
  12. The release of new NAKIVO GA version 9.1 is planned in few weeks.
  13. Can you give us an estimate on when we can expect this release? Same question for Office365 backup? Thank you. Best regards, Ulrich Jørgensen
  14. I also would like to test tape. is it possible?
  15. We will forward your Feature Request to our Product Development team for possible further implementation. Thank you for helping us to make our product better!
  16. Thanks a lot to both of you. That is pretty much what i need. Just wish that last step (7) of "Deleting Backups in Bulk" had checkboxes next to the VMs, that are listed, so only a sub-selection of the already filtered VMs could be deleted (as I might want to keep some of the backups older than 6 months but keep others). But that's more of a feature request than anything else. (example draft attached) Got the list now and can use it to manually delete the backups that I want to from the repositories. So for me the question is answered. Thanks again.
  17. Yes, it is possible to do so and delete backups in bulk, like: backups that do not belong to any job or backups older than etc. You can refer to NAKIVO User Guide article for more information regarding this ( https://helpcenter.nakivo.com/display/NH/Deleting+VM+Backups#DeletingVMBackups-DeletingBackupsinBulk )
  18. The general information about the repository can be found in the NAKIVO User Guide ( https://helpcenter.nakivo.com/display/NH/Backup+Repositories ) However, for the detailed answer some additional information is needed: 1. Where the repository will be located? 2. Do you have deduplication device or some NAS etc? 3. How much space are you planning to use for the repository? 4. Any other additional information considered to be important.
  19. Hey pToker, If you go to the configuration page -> Repositories and click manage on the repository in question there is an option to delete backups in bulk.
  20. Hi everyone I am in need of cleaning up the storage, which I am backing up VMs to. There are lots of VMs, that are no longer in backup jobs but used to be and, when removed from the jobs, the option "Remove VM and keep backup" was chosen so we could have the backup available for another 6 months in case anything went wrong. Now for many of these backups the 6 months (and much more) are over, but I can't find any view, that would show me all the backups, that are no longer in a backup job. Do I really have to click on each and every (~200) VM to see when their last backup happened? Or is there a possibility to list all VMs with their latest backup? The thing I found to be closest to what I need, is the "Overview Report" I can get from the "Create" drop-down menu. I would like that information but in a table/list and, if possible, additionally with the information, whether they are currently part of a configured backup job or not. Many thanks in advance and happy holidays. Cheers
  21. Are there any guidelines about how to best setup/manage repositories? I'm curious about things like maximum recommended size, replication, long term archival, etc.
  22. NAKIVO Backup&Replication version 9.1 GA should be available within several weeks.
  23. @Official Moderator:Do you have a release date for 9.1 I agree with Steve, that's not cool to get an update but no changelog. Thanks Mario
  24. NAKIVO update with support of vSphere 6.7 update 3 was added in the custom build of NAKIVO 9.0.0 version. This information (support of 6.7 u3) is not shown on NAKIVO web site. We expect this information within next release of NAKIVO 9.1.0
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