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  3. Hi Marco I can confirm the very low speed of replication with new versions. I had a long running supportcase with no real sucess. I've got a new release (, now Hyper-V is working as expected. But at Vmware the speed is still extreme low. From support stuff, I also only get the "bottlneck" link, but this dosn't help at all! Did you had any sucess? Thanks for your feedbak Mario
  4. With the new version of the solution, you can copy your backups to tape, back up your Linux Servers, and perform instant verification of your backups for additional reliability. Learn more about NAKIVO Backup & Replication v9.1 Beta > https://www.nakivo.com/blog/nakivo-backup-replication-v9-1-beta/# Download NAKIVO Backup & Replication v9.1 Beta, sign up for our Beta Program, and receive an Amazon eGift Card for your efforts!
  5. We are sorry but NAKIVO Support doesn't have an access to Cloudways so we cannot check the platform.
  6. Kindly if you could check the platform. It will be a great help for me. Here is the url: https://www.cloudways.com/en/amazon-cloud-hosting.php
  7. Usually, the customer adds the AWS access and secret access keys to the NAKIVO inventory that allows accessing the AWS server instance. We are not sure if Cloudways provides the access to API. So in your case, we can suggest backing up your web server as Physical Linux server. It will be supported in v9.1. The Windows physical server is supported starting from v9.0.
  8. I have my website hosted on the AWS server. Although, I do know that it is possible as some of the resources like: https://helpcenter.nakivo.com/display/NH/Adding+Amazon+EC2+Accounts could help me. But, It looks like this will only help in the case of conventional AWS server. However, I have opted for the managed version of Amazon cloud server which is managed by Cloudways. Please help me find the best way to do undergo the task.
  9. Hi, 1. ran correctly 2. boot run in errors, second hdd is not mounted, fdisk dont show me second hdd. in vm settings is no second hdd, only first hdd. 3. no second HDD by recovery. I sent Support request.
  10. Hello, It is possible to check the backup consistency in a few ways: 1. Run "Verify all backups" maintenance ( https://helpcenter.nakivo.com/display/NH/Running+Block-Level+Backup+Verification?src=contextnavpagetreemode ) 2. Run Flash boot action for affected VM ( https://helpcenter.nakivo.com/display/NH/Performing+Flash+VM+Boot+Recovery?src=contextnavpagetreemode ) and check by yourself if necessary files are present 3. Run File level recovery action ( https://helpcenter.nakivo.com/display/NH/File+Recovery?src=contextnavpagetreemode ) and check by yourself if necessary files are present For deeper investigation of this issue by our Support team, it would be better if you generate and send a support bundle ( https://helpcenter.nakivo.com/display/NH/Support+Bundles ) with the name of VM, that they need to check. Also provide any additional information considered to be important for this case.
  11. Hi, i got a Backup of my Cloud VM. May you tell me, how and why the Size is so small? I think the backup is not complete. In other Backups i have similar VMs with the same System (Linux Univention Corporate). Infos: Free ESXi Second HDD is independent permanently (sdb1) VM size: 3.65 TB /dev/sda: 50 GiB /dev/sdb: 3,6 TiB In Use: udev 10M 0% /dev tmpfs 792M 2% /run /dev/mapper/vg_ucs-root 44G 28% / tmpfs 2,0G 1% /dev/shm tmpfs 5,0M 0% /run/lock tmpfs 2,0G 0% /sys/fs/cgroup /dev/sda1 472M 37% /boot /dev/sdb1 2,7T 59% overlay 44G 28% shm 64M 0% overlay 44G 28% shm 64M 0% The Systemsize is 50 GB, Clouddatasize are 2.7tb in use. In Nakivo Backup the Last Run show me "data & speed" 48,9 gb. Options: 1 VM (Cloud) Schedule monthly Tracking CBT Full backup Mode: Active full No Error. Best Regards Taric
  12. As of now, physical Linux is not supported yet as it's just the first phase of physical server support with support of Windows Server only. Support of Linux OS is planned for the next releases.
  13. There is no video on the full VM recovery, however, we have step-by-step instructions for full VM recovery with screenshots (depending on your hypervisor) in our Knowledge Base: https://helpcenter.nakivo.com/display/NH/VMware+VM+Recovery https://helpcenter.nakivo.com/display/NH/Hyper-V+VM+Recovery
  14. Hello, Strange thing: when trying to add a host to inventory, I cannot choose server type. Wizard defaulting to windows server, see attached screenshots. Did I miss something? Nakivo installed on Ubuntu 18.04
  15. Is there a a step by step video on the full VM recovery?
  16. Yes in my mind physical server backup is pretty useless without this. Rebuilding a crashed server involves so much more than restoring files.
  17. Thanks for the information. It is bummer this feature is not available. Hope Nakivo look forward into integrate this essential matter in their software. Regards.
  18. I have already apporached NAKIVO on this. This was my response: That is not implemented yet. You could use this backup only for file recovery (https://helpcenter.nakivo.com/display/NH/Granular+Recovery) or backup export ( https://helpcenter.nakivo.com/display/NH/Performing+Cross-Platform+Recovery ) purposes and attach physical machine disk(s) in vmdk/vhdx format to existing VM manually. It's just the first phase of physical server support. To be continued in further releases.
  19. Hello, I would like to know how to recover a physical server from a backup stored in a repository. The user guide shows how to recover to a VM from the backup but not to a physical server itself. Is there a method to restore a physical server pulling out its backup image from a repository? Acronis accomplishes that by using a bootable media that allows the server to execute a primary instance of the software and then pull the data from the repositories. Regards, Luis
  20. Thanks a lot for your reply! 1) Full in both. 2) Yes 3) Perhaps i did the config wrong on site A then. * Assigned Transporter: The one from site B, correct? * Location I have the following options: (1) Local folder on remote transporter (2) remote cifs folder (3) remote nfs folder. Which option is the correct one if transporter on site A doesn't have direct access to the NAS on site B? 4) That works fine, that's how backup is working on site B The reason why i didn't open a support request with NAKIVO is that i am using the free version. Should I do it? Thank you for your time!
  21. Hi! We have several questions to clarify: 1. Which package is installed on location B - Full or transporter only? 2. Transporter on B has repository that in located on Synology via CIF/NFS, correct? 3. >>I tried adding the repository of location B but it only accepts local directories. This is not clear because if you added the repository as CIFS/NFS it should also work on site A. 4. >>So i tried on location B to add the NFS not on the Nakivo level but on the OS Could you please issue the "mount" command on B transporter? A point of interest is squash options of NFS. It should be "no_root_squash" or "all_squash". You may also try doing the following on B transporter: #su -s /bin/bash bhsvc #cd <mount point of NFS> Try create/remove fie or directory. Also, we would like to suggest you opening a ticket with NAKIVO support regarding this matter(send your request to support@nakivo.com).
  22. Hello, I have two locations A & B. Location A has a VM i want to backup Location B has storage (in a Synology using CIFS or NFS) to where i want to backup Both locations are running ESXi. Both locations have Nakivo Backup free edition. I added the transporter of location B to A no problem. I tried adding the repository of location B but it only accepts local directories. So i tried on location B to add the NFS not on the Nakivo level but on the OS (Linux) level. However when I asked the Nakivo on location B to create a repository using the local directory (/opt/nakivo/backups) then i was getting the error The "Onboard transporter" transporter cannot read and/or write to the specified location (/opt/nakivo/test/). I checked the access rights and they seem fine: drwxrwxrwx 2 bhsvc bhsvc 4096 Sep 9 13:19 test and within the folder: drwxrwxrwx 2 bhsvc bhsvc 4.0K Sep 9 13:19 . drwxr-xr-x 6 bhsvc bhsvc 71 Sep 9 13:06 .. Do you guys have any idea of what i am doing wrong or even better how to make it to work? Thanks!
  23. Please use that guidance on how to detect a bottleneck: https://helpcenter.nakivo.com/display/KB/How+to+Identify+Bottleneck
  24. Replication works very slowly after the new version. How can you help?
  25. You may refer to the following NAKIVO article regarding this matter https://helpcenter.nakivo.com/display/NH/File+Recovery
  26. If you are using the Virtual Appliance (VA), go to the VA console, then go to command line and enter: cat /opt/nakivo/director/forgot_password.txt The security string will be displayed on the screen. You can copy-paste it into the web interface.
  27. I'm trialing the software and just wanted to get a better understanding of what the product does. I just executed a replication job and wanted to know how do I recover a file?
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