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    Is there somewhere I can submit a feature request for syslog support?
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    Given the topic, I'm guessing the OP is looking for the logs to be forwarded to a syslog server. I'd like to be able to do this as well, but don't see it mentioned anywhere in the User Guide. Thanks. -Steve
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    Hi, would like to know is there any best practices if we enable deduplication on backup repository on windows server? are there any benefits if we store data into \windows server and run deduplication on it? do you have any best practices for this? thanks.
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    what is the recommended Disk Reclamation schedule? how frequent do we run? i have near 1TB space to reclaim at offsite and we found out that each time we do space reclaim, the process will takes about 2-3 days. it is quite painful when we dealing with large data size. are there any specific recommendation to deal with this ?
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    What it the timeline for supporting version 7? Thanks.
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    Hi there, when I try to backup my virtual machines the following error occures: Backup of the "xxxxxx" VM has failed Source host could not create temporary checkpoint required to back up the "xxxxxxx" VM. The host WIndows Hyper Visor 2019. Only VMs which have been migrated from XEN bring that error. Has anybody an idea? Thank you in advance.
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    Hi Team, i am excited for the AWS S3 storage integration which will be coming on V9.4. however, i was thinking if there are anyway we could use compatible S3 instead of AWS. i would like to test it out with S3 Compatible like Mimio or Wasabi Storage if there are options for it. thanks. i am also interested to explore if there are anyway i could change that configuration for AWS S3 on NBR to use other S3 storage. thanks. regards, leezy
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    i would like to know if we configure AWS S3 as target repository. during backup, or backup copy job, does the transporter store local copy before uploading to AWS? or it will directly upload to S3? will there be a local cache copy during S3 transmission?
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    This is so because forever incremental repository is spread between 4096 files and AWS S3 doesn't allow writing data to all these files simultaneously or works extremely slow with this repository type.
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    May I know the release date for physical server restore? It is getting risky with physical server backup. But do not have a way to do full server restore to physical server.
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    I would like to seek your advise on the following. Is there any reason why the S3 storage option only allow full backup incremental. But not continuous incremental? This way it will remove the dedupe capability.
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    hi guys, i am trying to search for the mount man options when mounting the share path on the repository. but i cant seems to find the advance mount man options. i would like to force the transporter when using the following share folder to enable write through option. regards, leezy
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    Hi, we would like to have a features like setting a specific backup job dated on specific date to not to overwrite or for specific reason for long term retention. or is there any other way then using retention in the existing NBR? regards, leezy
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    yea ... i found it ... ill update my sites now to obtain this function. thanks.
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    Thank you for the explanation.
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    You are right, director could work with newer version of transporter, but cannot work with older version. We recommend to run update with the following steps: 1. Update manually remote transporters - NAS transporters - Linux based transporters that are added as "installed service" - manually installed and added Windows based transporters In this case there will not be any downtime, as director will be able to work with newer version of transporter. 2. Update Director. In this case all remaining transporters will be updated automatically: - Hyper-V transporters - physical transporters - Linux based transporters that are added as Virtual Appliance - AWS transporters
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    Thanks a lot for your reply! 1) Full in both. 2) Yes 3) Perhaps i did the config wrong on site A then. * Assigned Transporter: The one from site B, correct? * Location I have the following options: (1) Local folder on remote transporter (2) remote cifs folder (3) remote nfs folder. Which option is the correct one if transporter on site A doesn't have direct access to the NAS on site B? 4) That works fine, that's how backup is working on site B The reason why i didn't open a support request with NAKIVO is that i am using the free version. Should I do it? Thank you for your time!
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