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  1. I am encountering a significant issue with a "Clone Backup to Backblaze" job that I've set up. The task is designed to transfer all my backups, totaling 1.4 TB, to Backblaze using a 275mbit/s internet connection. Based on my calculations, I anticipated the job would complete within 13-14 hours. However, after 43 hours and 30 minutes, the progress is only at 88.5%. Initially, the transfer rate peaks between 200-300mbit/s, which aligns with my expectations. But, a few hours into the job, the speed dramatically drops to as low as 0.01 mbit/s and stays minimal for extended periods, vastly underutilizing my available bandwidth as confirmed by speedtest.net results. Additionally, there's a scheduling conflict that exacerbates the situation. While the "Clone Backup to Backblaze" job is ongoing, the original backup process starts, writing data to the same source targeted by the clone job. I've tried to mitigate this by scheduling the clone job to run over the weekend, ensuring it has ample time to complete before the original backup resumes on Monday. Despite these adjustments, the issue persists. Could you please provide guidance or solutions to address the following concerns? The drastic fluctuations in data transfer speed, particularly the periods of significantly reduced speed. Strategies to prevent scheduling conflicts between the clone and original backup jobs, ensuring both can complete without interference. Thank you for your assistance.
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