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  1. Thanks, I really, appreciate your aportatation, for this problem and I have resolved. Again, thak you.
  2. Hello, thanks for answering... I was able to upload a transporter version on my QNAP device, it worked and is currently working. I tried to do the same with the sysnology transporter, download the updater and upload it for manual installation, but the following text box appeared... "This package requires DSM 7.0-40000 or later." My sysnology device has dsm 7.2.1 update 4. I think this error should not appear on my DSM version is within the DSM range that appears in the message. The updater that I downloaded is from the official nakivo website. I downloaded and tried two updaters and with both I got the same message. Sysnology Transporter package. Sysnology ARMv7 Transporter package. Help me pleaseeeee :(
  3. Hi, I have a problem, apparently of incompatibility of versions, I am working on the most recent version of nakivo, that is 10.11 and I have two nas devices, one with transporter version 10.8 and another with version 10.5, when I try to add them to the nodes, I get the following error. My solution is to downgrade the version to 10.8 or similar, but I can't find the resources on the official website. Could you help me get past versions of nakivo? If you guys have any other solution ideas or suggestions, I'm open to trying.
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