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  1. I can tell you how it works manually or how it works in R1Soft / Idera backup software (basically it is the same way). I can do it here or in some ticket.
  2. Yes. File modification year is missing. There is hour, day, month but not year. Small change but still.
  3. Hello, just like in title. Can you consider adding year to file/dir modification date view in restore individual files window? Having day and month is making not so obvious to see when some files where modified last time. Thanks
  4. When it comes to MySQL it is not so simple like it is on MSSQL. On MSSQL you can recover .mdf and .ldf and just attach this DB to any other compatible MSSQL engine. When it comes to MySQL it is not so simple. To recover MySQL DB you will have to access to not only DB dir but also innodb logs, mysql DB (main DB in MySQL engine), performance_schemat DB too. Investigate it on your end to fully understand whole complexity of this operation. Bottom line just like I said this is not so simple.
  5. Hello, can you consider creating some kind of MySQL DB restore functionality? I would love to have this kind of mechanism which is creating .sql file or it is restoring DB from backup to new selected DB. Thanks
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