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  1. >If the NAKIVO director is located in AWS, we recommend having additional local transporter (or even a local repository) work with the hypervisor locally. Right, I think we're on the same page here. My thought was to use a Nakvio director in AWS to manage local transporters and repositories. Theoretically, this would mean our Nakivo install would survive a catastrophic (on prem) data center event, and we could restore from an offsite repository without rebuilding Nakivo first.
  2. Is it possible to deploy Nakivo into an EC2 instance? Is there a pre built AMI for a Nakvio director? ...and if so, can I migrate a local Nakivo install to EC2 by backing up my config and restoring on EC2? I'd like to see if Nakivo can compete with Amazon's AWS Backup to protect on prem VMWare, utilizing local (on prem) Nakivo transporters and repositories across a VPC... all with a portion of our backups replicated to an S3 bucket (maybe Wasabi) to protect us in the event of a major disaster.
  3. Are there any guidelines about how to best setup/manage repositories? I'm curious about things like maximum recommended size, replication, long term archival, etc.
  4. 9.1 is still in beta, correct? I'm using The online docs don't mention the 9.1 requirement, so I assumed it was available in 9.0.x https://beta-helpcenter.nakivo.com/display/NH/Adding+Robotic+Tape+Libraries+or+VTLs
  5. Is there something special that I need to do to my transporter to get it connected to a tape drive? I'm working on this in a demo environment before I roll it into production... I have a Windows transporter setup and the machine is hooked up to a VTL, but I don't have a tape "tab" under settings.
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