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  1. the support has already answered me. in fact, nakivo does not duplicate to wasabi. the solution would be to make a local backup with deduplication + 1 backup copy job
  2. Hello, at a customer there is another VM backup software that is still running. the logs say "Time: Sat, 08 May 2021 23:17 Successful Backed up 1124 GB in 2h 28m. (Data Transferred: 4.14 GB 99% Savings). " with nakivo, backing up the same VM says : "Status:Successful Started:Sun, 09 May at 10:18 (UTC +02:00) Finished:Mon, 10 May at 11:39 (UTC +02:00) Data & speed:70,8 GB at 6,77 Mbit/s" how can we explain that nakivo makes a differential backup of 70GB while the other software makes one of 4GB? This is the 3rd backup, the first was 470GB and the 2nd and 3rd, 70GB
  3. it's done, and it doesn't change anything, I sent an email updating # 80384 with the install.log files
  4. I don't have a "C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\FC6260C33678BB17FB8B88536C476B4015B7C5E9" directory, I have already tried to repair c ++ from Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features. it does not work
  5. I created a Support Bundle (# 80384) with the install.log attached
  6. I found and deleted c : \ install.log, the log is now correct, no more D or E disk but the problem is the same
  7. I tried to install only the transporter on the laptop. failure... the log says "Hostname: michel-dell-PC Bound IP addresses: 2a01: e34: ed51: 8c20: 292e: db7c: 48c5: 28e6 2a01: e34: ed51: 8c20: f447: 2ad3: efe0: 80ee Disks: C : \ 50778402816 (47.3 GB) / 119358603264 (111.2 GB) D:\ 0 (0.0 KB) / 0 (0.0 KB) E: \ 8011440128 (7.5 GB) / 8013217792 (7.5 GB) Java classpath: installer.jar 2021-03-10T13: 46: 03,212 [INFO] [Main] Listening on / to ensure single application instance. 2021-03-10T13: 46: 07,071 [ERROR] [System.err] java.nio.file.FileSystemException: d:\: The device is not ready. " So I disabled the cd player (d : \) and restarted then tried again. always the same "D: \: The device is not ready." while I have no d: nor e:
  8. i just tried on a blank laptop and it doesn't work. I don't have a "Microsoft C ++ Redistributable" so the trick I saw cannot apply. I find these lines in the log: 2021-03-18T11: 04: 52,372 [INFO] [Inventory] [pool-2-thread-10 -> Physical inventory discovery task] [PM-16 / dell_w10_portable] [User-1 / michel] About to deploy a new physical agent on 2021-03-18T11: 05: 58,968 [ERROR] [Inventory] [pool-2-thread-10 -> Physical inventory discovery task] com.company.product.services.deploy.windows.WindowsDeploymentServiceException: cannot install transporter, code: 1, reason: command finished successfully 2021-03-18T11: 05: 58,998 [INFO] [Inventory] [pool-2-thread-10 -> Physical inventory discovery task] [PHYSICAL_DISCOVERY_ITEM-2 / dell_w10_portable] [User-1 / michel] Physical DI state set to INACCESSIBLE , status was reset. and on the console, the message "An internal error has occurred. Reason: cannot install transporter, code: 1, reason: command finished successfully (WindowsDeploymentServiceException)." I'm still at the same point ...
  9. i found this solution and it seems to work : Open Programs and Features. Start > Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features. Search > Programs and Features. Select Microsoft C++ Redistributable, right-click and click on Change. On Microsoft C++ Redistributable Setup, click on Repair. Click on Close once setup is successful.
  10. Hello, I already sent you a support bundleand I am in contact with support I try on the forum to see if someone has already had this problem
  11. Hello, for 2 days i have been trying to add a w10 pro machine and i have errors. first it was necessary to authorize access to c $ by adding a key in the registry. But since then I have the error "An internal error has occurred. Reason: cannot install transporter, code: -1, reason: command finished successfully (WindowsDeploymentServiceException)." I tried on several workstations, laptops, VMs and I have the same problem. Nakivo full is installed on a W10 pro workstation which is on the same network. If anyone has already succeeded and has a solution ...
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