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  1. it's done, and it doesn't change anything, I sent an email updating # 80384 with the install.log files
  2. I don't have a "C:\ProgramData\Package Cache\FC6260C33678BB17FB8B88536C476B4015B7C5E9" directory, I have already tried to repair c ++ from Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features. it does not work
  3. I created a Support Bundle (# 80384) with the install.log attached
  4. I found and deleted c : \ install.log, the log is now correct, no more D or E disk but the problem is the same
  5. I tried to install only the transporter on the laptop. failure... the log says "Hostname: michel-dell-PC Bound IP addresses: 2a01: e34: ed51: 8c20: 292e: db7c: 48c5: 28e6 2a01: e34: ed51: 8c20: f447: 2ad3: efe0: 80ee Disks: C : \ 50778402816 (47.3 GB) / 119358603264 (111.2 GB) D:\ 0 (0.0 KB) / 0 (0.0 KB) E: \ 8011440128 (7.5 GB) / 8013217792 (7.5 GB) Java classpath: installer.jar 2021-03-10T13: 46: 03,212 [INFO] [Main] Listening on / to ensure single application instance. 2021-03-10T13: 46: 07,071 [ERROR] [System.err] java.ni
  6. i just tried on a blank laptop and it doesn't work. I don't have a "Microsoft C ++ Redistributable" so the trick I saw cannot apply. I find these lines in the log: 2021-03-18T11: 04: 52,372 [INFO] [Inventory] [pool-2-thread-10 -> Physical inventory discovery task] [PM-16 / dell_w10_portable] [User-1 / michel] About to deploy a new physical agent on 2021-03-18T11: 05: 58,968 [ERROR] [Inventory] [pool-2-thread-10 -> Physical inventory discovery task] com.company.product.services.deploy.windows.WindowsDeploymentServiceException: cannot install transporter, code: 1, rea
  7. i found this solution and it seems to work : Open Programs and Features. Start > Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features. Search > Programs and Features. Select Microsoft C++ Redistributable, right-click and click on Change. On Microsoft C++ Redistributable Setup, click on Repair. Click on Close once setup is successful.
  8. Hello, I already sent you a support bundleand I am in contact with support I try on the forum to see if someone has already had this problem
  9. Hello, for 2 days i have been trying to add a w10 pro machine and i have errors. first it was necessary to authorize access to c $ by adding a key in the registry. But since then I have the error "An internal error has occurred. Reason: cannot install transporter, code: -1, reason: command finished successfully (WindowsDeploymentServiceException)." I tried on several workstations, laptops, VMs and I have the same problem. Nakivo full is installed on a W10 pro workstation which is on the same network. If anyone has already succeeded and has a solution ...
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