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  1. Feeding back that changing q to -q worked, many thanks!

    It's probably worth mentioning that the email you sent round contained this error, as well as the forum post - in case you've not been inundated with support calls about it already! 🙂 

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  2. I get the following error when I try this:

    root@SynologyNAS:/volume1/@appstore/NBR/libs# zip q -d log4j-core*.jar org/apache/logging/log4j/core/lookup/JndiLookup.class
            zip warning: q.zip not found or empty
            zip warning: name not matched: org/apache/logging/log4j/core/lookup/JndiLookup.class

    Should I contact Support or am I doing something wrong?

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  3. 10 minutes ago, Official Moderator said:

    Actually, that is possible for the "Incremental with Full backup" repository type. NOTE: It is impossible to change it after the repository creation.

    Ah, we are using Forever incremental. Thanks for the reply.

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  4. Hi,

    We have a Synology NAS as our Director, which is also a Transporter, and has a Repository onboard.

    We have a second Synology NAS that is offsite and accessed via a WAN. This second NAS has the Transporter role installed and is also a Repository. It is used as the target for a Backup Copy job. 

    When I upgrade our Director from NAKIVO V 8.5 up to V 9.1, I understand that it will automatically update all of the Transporters that it can see. Unfortunately it cannot see the Offsite transporter.

    Are we likely to run into issues with the Backup Copy job if the sending Director/Transporter/Repository is running a newer version than the receiving Transporter/Repository?

    Thanks in advance.

  5. 1 hour ago, Trevorr said:

    hi there 
    are there any updates on your issue? 

    Hi Trevorr,

    Apologies for not getting back as promised!

    As per my other thread (linked below) I can't even enable Screenshot Verification. NAKIVO support has advised upgrading to version 9.1 but we can't do this for another couple of weeks unfortunately. Once I do, I will update both threads.


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  6. I'm trying to enable Screenshot Verification for a newly added host & VM. 

    When I try to enable Screenshot Verification I cannot select the current host, apparently due to a mismatch with the virtual hardware version. But it's the current host therefore I don't see how?

    Both the host and guest are running Windows Server Standard 2019.

    The Virtual Machine version is 9.0

    NAKIVO is still on version 8.5.2 (build 32767) and I can't upgrade it for at least a couple of weeks.



  7. Hi,

    A bit of background relevant to the question; We have a hypervisor with 48GB RAM. This is intended for only 1 virtual machine, a very high volume MS SQL server on the underlying SSD storage. The guest VM will be using 32GB RAM, so 75% of the RAM on the host.

    It is not yet backed up by NAKIVO (I will be adding it this weekend to give it time to perform the initial backup).

    I would like to enable screenshot verification on the VM when I do add it, but this will take the memory usage over what the host has when it does a Flash Boot to verify the screenshot. 

    Is it likely to just fail, or will it spill over to the configured page file? Or is there any way I can set it to have a lesser amount of RAM when it does the Flash Boot?

    Thanks in advance.

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