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  1. Many thanks for your reply! However, sorry if I was unclear, but this is exactly what I did several times and what apparently does NOT fully work: The remote iSCSI drive was already excluded several times from the backup. The remote drive is persistent, so its UUID should not change (to my knowledge, I admittedly did not check). Still NBR sometimes detects it as new and adds it automatically to the backup, what I do not want.
  2. I use NBR to backup (amongst others) a workstation (Windows) - the workstation has one local drive c:, one iScSI LUN added as remote drive and one remote drive as mounted SMB share. The remote drives are always accessible. I only want to backup the local drive C:. For reasons I do not understand NBR keeps readding sometimes the iSCSI remote drive to the backup although I excluded it previously. Support was very helpful and suggested to reduce or disable auto refresh of the inventory to solve this issue. I disabled auto refresh and so far it works. However, I would like to understand what is happening and maybe some of you have solved this issue in a different way? Certainly something happens behind the scenes which makes NBR detecting the same remote drive as new? Are there any drawbacks to disabling auto refresh for inventory, transporters and repos? Online documentation was not helpful in this regard and your experience would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Hannes
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