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  1. Hello, Nakivo noob here, I've just started working in a company where we are using Nakivo to backup the vcenter everything is working fine, but I'd like to integrate it with the Active directory and play with it a little bit. I log on as admin which has the Administrator role, (all permissions say full access) but when I go to users and roles --> ad integration its greyed out. It's as if I dont have sufficient permissions to configure the AD, but under users and roles, there are only two users with the same administration role. (picture included) the websites I look at either are out of date or do not mention why that could happen: https://helpcenter.nakivo.com/User-Guide/Content/Settings/General/Users-and-Roles/Users-and-Roles.htm https://de0.nakivo.com/blog/active-directory-integration-setup/ any help on how to proceed would e greatly appreciated Thank you
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