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  1. Sorry for a too general topic, but can you give some advices on how to backup VMware virtual machines. I am a beginner and I need more helpful tips. Thanx
  2. Thank you all! We are already using NAKIVO for backup, but I will also set up the anti-fishing policies just in case.
  3. Hi everyone! I am very concerned about the threat of ransomware. Now, most of our team is working remotely, using a lot of M365 services. Is it protected enough, or are the in-built protection features useless?
  4. @Official Moderator, thank you bunch! Will check the options they offer.
  5. @Official Moderator, now I get it. Thanks for the blog post link! Just one more question. All the limitations you mentioned don't apply to the free trial, right?
  6. What are the disadvantages of using a free version of VMware ESXi. Are there any limitations?
  7. when the replication job is running, is it normal that this will create a disk on the computer? as far as I can see it seems that that disk will be deleted once the job is complited. is that the way it works?
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