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  1. Do you mean that in a future release, we will have the option of "generic S3 provider" (or whatever it will be named) in Nakivo!? It should be great! Did you have an Idea the time to market for such an implementation? Thanks! Ste-
  2. Thanks for your answer. Company I work for is Cubbit (site: www.cubbit.io - where you can find information about NGC: BTB branch of Cubbit). Cubbit provides cloud services via a p2p network of specific device (that act as distributed storage nodes). Cubbit Customers can consume storage via S3 compatible APIs. In order to do that, users are generally required to specify an s3 compatible third part application (as Nakivo): url endpoint (that for cubbit is https://s3.cubbit.io) a set of specific s3 credentials (access-key and secret-key), they can get from cubbit-console. Nakivo configuration procedure does not allow (as far as I understand) to specify a generic URL. I assume that in some part of the application, there is a configuration file (or equivalent db-line, register-key etc.), that converts che chosen S3 provider option in the specific S3 url : Amazon option will be resolved to its endpoint url: https://s3.amazonaws.com Wasabi option will be resolved to its endpoint url: https://s3.wasabisys.com. Cubbit would like to be an s3-storage option for Nakivo users (because several Cubbit customer, are also Nakivo users), and stop to suggest them to use a fuse-solution to workaround the lack of a direct connection. We would like, one of the following: to be part of that option list as AmazonS3/Wasabi are (see picture). to let Nakivo user configure a generic S3 option connection by letting them specify a generic S3 endpoint url. in the latter case, maybe, it's enough to modify some configuration file. In this case, please let us know which one. Thanks Ste-
  3. is it possible to modify some configuration file, in order to extend the list of compatible S3 provider? My company provide S3 based service, we would like to be part of that list.
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