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  1. yes I know, but the backup time may differ depending on the size of the server and scheduling a detach time is a bit risky
  2. Hi, detach/attach backup repository seeams a good solution to preserve data corruption. Why do you not add this feature directly in backup job or backup copy job ?
  3. I have a question (suggestion) regarding licensing. Why don't you make an independent license server that the Directors could rely on regardless of the installation. Example: because I will have more than 800 transporters in a near future, I installed a Multi-tenant to separate eleven "Tenant". With an independent license server I could have installed several single-tenant Directors, one for each organization With this architecture I secure my Directors (today I lose the multi-tenant (crash, cyber attack, ...), I block all my backups and restore) Same, I facilitate the update (not a bigbang). sorry for my aproximative English.
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