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  1. this link shows that ISCSI, NFS and FTP is supported. but how do it configure the FTP? https://helpcenter.nakivo.com/display/KB/Creating+a+Backup+Repository+on+NFS%2C+FTP%2C+or+iSCSI
  2. Does the NBR supports AHV community edition?
  3. is there any proper KB article that shows how to fix inconsistent repository. am getting following errors. [10/24 16:15:12.844] WRN: Backup repository with not finished consolidation... [10/24 16:16:07.801] LOG: Version 10.1.0.r47251 [10/24 16:16:07.935] LOG: Backup repository "bh-mount/a767cdfc-a844-4abe-97b5-ea2819c2be5a/NakivoBackup": [10/24 16:16:08.105] DBG: Missmatching repository allocated size 628502294336 vs. 628502294216... [10/24 16:16:08.177] WRN: Backup repository with not finished consolidation... [10/24 16:16:12.384] LOG: Version 10.1.0.r47251 [10/24 16:16
  4. Hi nakivo, would you be by any way that nakivo console will be able to provide more logging during backup process. this helps us to read the logs so that we can try troubleshooting first. it would be nice to read the logs on nakivo or process during execute of backup of selected job. this can indicate that backup is running to certain steps and we can know where is the issue and etc. bottleneck monitoring would be great too... regards, zhiyuan
  5. there are 3 options for overwrite behavior. 1. rename if item exist 2. skip if item exist 3. overwrite the original if item exist can we request for few more possible options? 1. skip files older then specific date and also fix the "skip if item exisit" as the following option only compare with the folder name, it does not goes into the files if they exist. there should be an option to choose if skip folder if exist or skip files items if files items exist. that would be helpful for us to do recovery. thanks
  6. looks like we got Wasabi integration now... looking forward for S3 compatible storage
  7. i still had this issue ... the support told me to exclude the backup folder. but they still did not answer why the files was captured as false positive virus files....
  8. any one here get such alerts when using windows server 2019 as backup repo? it seems it only happens when i enable the repo as dedupe storage. else it will not show this... it will happen everytime i do a backup.
  9. the data are present in the vmdk. tested with another vm to view the data in it ... but not able to boot still... will try again later and update on result
  10. we actually failed the restore after exporting and importing back into datastore. the disk refuse to boot .... we are testing on Hyper-V image and export to VMDK, create a new vm server, upload disk vmware datastore, mount the disk and attempt to boot.
  11. Hi support, is there anyway we can do cross platform restore without having to export? it is waste of time when come to cross platform from VHDX if we have to export into VMDK before upload back into the Datastore to boot up. i understand we have NFS option and CIFS option, but it would be useful if we could upload directly into Datastore on Vmware. can we request for this features?
  12. can i do flash reboot on repository which are not compressed and deduplicated backups? or from dedupe appliance?
  13. i did not enable the compression and dedupe on the NBR. we only configure the windows server with dedupe on the following volume. it does looks food on the result. only different is that we do not have the option do continues backup.
  14. if any of you guys planning to use dedupe on windows server 2019, here is some results i am getting during the backup. i have configure my server to backup without compression and dedupe enable, and with dedupe appliance option enable. here is some interesting results to share. not sure is this the best result i can get on windows server deuplication comparing it to built in dedupe. both runs using post processing deduplication.
  15. Hi, would like to know is there any best practices if we enable deduplication on backup repository on windows server? are there any benefits if we store data into \windows server and run deduplication on it? do you have any best practices for this? thanks.
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