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  1. Yes, setting the permission of the file via chmod or even in winscp itself didn't make it executable in the /tmp/ folder, as soon as i moved the file in the /volume1/updates folder it was working.
  2. I've uploaded the Support Bundle, but I don't know if this will help you. The case is imho clear: You have to provide a new SH File, so that I can install the Nakivo Transporter 10.7.2 Package to my Synology NAS.
  3. Ok, I understand. But are you not willing to finally resolve this issue with Synology? It worked before with DSM6, I could even update it via the store. Also other 3rd-party apps are available there. So how do I proceed? My Nakivo Appliance is already on 10.7.2 and I can't access the Nakivo Transporter 10.6 on my Synology anymore. Can you please provide me a new .sh file, like the last time?
  4. Please add Nakivo Transporter 10.7.2 to the Synology App Store, or deploy a new .sh file. The official Nakivo Update Package still doesn't support DSM7, what's the state in the verification process? Many thanks in advance.
  5. thanks, but your maglar.box link is not available anymore. Can you please put this .sh file anywhere else? On a Nakivo download site would be nice.
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