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  1. I confirm that following the instructions in Section 2 I solved it... thanks Elia
  2. Thank you for your answer. I'll try with the instruction reported in Section 2. Elia
  3. Good morning, I'm sure that I've made an error but I hope that someone can help me in this situation. Scenario: Nakivo Backup & replication Virtual Appliance - Current version: - 2 disks for storage backups (500Gb default + 1000Gb added some times ago) I know the procedure to add more storage for backups ( 1 attach a new disk... - 2 refresh the list of available disks - 3 select the new disk) but I've made a mistake. I've increased the size of the 1000Gb disk in the vSphere Client (now 2.800Gb) and restarted the application. When I go on the "Onboard repository storage" I see disk size 2,8Tb but the Onboard Repository on the web interface is not updated. Is there a way to solve this situation? Thanks Elia
  4. Good morning, due to technical issue I had to reinstall Nakivo Backup and replilcation (virtual appliance on VMware). I've installed the last version (10.7) but I noticed that I need to install a previous version. (problem with performance and my IT infrastructure) Is there a way to download installation package for previous versions? Thanks in advance Elia Rivadossi
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