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  1. Here is one more advice from me - think about where to write the backups, the degree of redundancy, data retention practices and of course, as official moderator mentioned, backup frequency is the most important point for me.
  2. @HakimFair enough. But are there any advantages I'm not aware of? I don't want to be missing out on something.
  3. Hi people! What are you using: Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace? I haven't been considering Google's option for our company. Is it worth a try?
  4. Hi, everyone! I'm a bit worried now as we have network users all over the place with the remote work. Of course, it has plenty of advantages, but I need to offer our CEO some security measures so that the network is safe. Any suggestions? How do you deal with your endpoints?
  5. what's the difference between Backup and Replication of Microsoft Hyper V???
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