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  1. I have done those steps, unfortunately the specific transport items are still greyed out. EDIT: I found out that the items are greyed out, if the transporter has been configured with the "Enable Direct Connect for this transporter" option. Would you mind to explain the benefits of using this option + Automatic selection, vs unselecting this option and manually configure the transporter on the backup job level?
  2. Hi, my Nakivo jobs are working correctly. But I just realized, when I create a new job or if I want to edit an existing hob, I can no longer manually force a "Primary transporter" on source and target hosts (the transporters are grayed out). And only the "Automatic" option can be selected. However I need this manual selection mode to make things work because for some reason, in my setup, I need to have a transporter running on the same machine as the ESX host to make the backup perform without error. Can you let me know if there is a way to reenable manual selection of transporter. Lei
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