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Found 5 results

  1. what's the difference between Backup and Replication of Microsoft Hyper V???
  2. Hey! Can I somehow configure Hyper-V replication with servers in a Workgroup and not connected to an Active Directory domain?
  3. Hi, A bit of background relevant to the question; We have a hypervisor with 48GB RAM. This is intended for only 1 virtual machine, a very high volume MS SQL server on the underlying SSD storage. The guest VM will be using 32GB RAM, so 75% of the RAM on the host. It is not yet backed up by NAKIVO (I will be adding it this weekend to give it time to perform the initial backup). I would like to enable screenshot verification on the VM when I do add it, but this will take the memory usage over what the host has when it does a Flash Boot to verify the screenshot. Is it likely to just fail, or will it spill over to the configured page file? Or is there any way I can set it to have a lesser amount of RAM when it does the Flash Boot? Thanks in advance.
  4. I'm trying to enable Screenshot Verification for a newly added host & VM. When I try to enable Screenshot Verification I cannot select the current host, apparently due to a mismatch with the virtual hardware version. But it's the current host therefore I don't see how? Both the host and guest are running Windows Server Standard 2019. The Virtual Machine version is 9.0 NAKIVO is still on version 8.5.2 (build 32767) and I can't upgrade it for at least a couple of weeks.
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