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  1. Sure, please send your request via email to support@nakivo.com so we can forward it to our Product Development team for possible further implementation.
  2. NAKIVO Backup & Replication does not support syslog as of now.
  3. Have you heard the latest news? NAKIVO Backup & Replication v9.4 is available for download! We’ve greatly expanded our product’s functionality – you can now send backups to Amazon S3, in addition to a bunch of other useful improvements. Download here: https://www.nakivo.com/resources/releases/v9.4/
  4. Hello Leezy, We recommend using NAKIVO only deduplication method as Windows and NAKIVO working simultaneously could cause an error. Please learn more here: https://helpcenter.nakivo.com/display/KB/File+and+Object+Recovery:+Windows+Server+with+Deduplication Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  5. Hello! Please note that space reclaim maintenance is accumulative. It means you can stop it at any time and then continue from where you stopped it. Moreover, if the space reclaim is running but you need to run the job already, then space reclaim maintenance will be stopped automatically. These are the default settings. We start working with bigger data blocks and end with the smallest ones. That's why Space Reclaim maintenance is the most effective during the first 30-40% of the whole run. It's done in order to avoid the disk storage bottleneck.
  6. Hello John! We are planning to add official support of ESXi 7.0 in our upcoming release that should be rolled out in July. However, beta testing will be available faster.
  7. Hello! Please try creating a snapshot for this machine manually and make sure the credits used by NAKIVO to access this Hyper-V host have all the required rights. Use local administrator if possible.
  8. You should deploy a transporter on site B.
  9. No, the transporter uploads the data directly to AWS S3. The product doesn't use the cache.
  10. This is so because forever incremental repository is spread between 4096 files and AWS S3 doesn't allow writing data to all these files simultaneously or works extremely slow with this repository type.
  11. Physical to Physical - P2P won't be released this year. Physical to Virtual - P2V (Destination - VMware) will be released with NBR v.10
  12. The options that are used to mount the repository share could be seen in the "mount" output, when the share is mounted. Please try to run "mount" command after refreshing the repository in NAKIVO web ui. In case you need to use any additional (advanced) mount options, it is possible to add them through NAKIVO web ui -> repository settings (edit repository menu).
  13. Currently NAKIVO supports AWS S3 only, so it is impossible as of now. Support of the S3 -based storages like Wasabi is planed in the future releases, however, there is no ETA for it yet.
  14. Hello Leezy, Please note that this feature is already implemented. You can go to recovery points and configure the section "protected until". For more information, please check the attachment.
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