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SMB error when trying to add a physical machine to inventory

Ethan Shutika

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1 hour ago, Ethan Shutika said:

I am getting the below error message when i try to add some physical machines from the manager. Any ideas?

An internal error has occurred. Reason: 1053 (SmbException).

@Ethan Shutika Hello, your information/request has been received and forwarded to our Level 2 Support Team. Meanwhile, the best way for both sides would be to generate and send a support bundle (https://helpcenter.nakivo.com/display/NH/Support+Bundles) to support@nakivo.com so our Technical Support team can investigate your issue having more details. Thank you for understanding.

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2 hours ago, Ethan Shutika said:

I am getting the below error message when i try to add some physical machines from the manager. Any ideas?

An internal error has occurred. Reason: 1053 (SmbException).

@Ethan Shutika Thank you for reaching out to us. We appreciate your interest in NAKIVO Backup & Replication and are committed to ensuring your experience with our software is seamless and efficient.

In order to guarantee optimal performance and compatibility with your physical machine, we kindly request that you review the following system requirements outlined in our user guide:


SMB Protocol Version: Please ensure that your physical machine is configured with SMBv2 or a higher version of the SMB protocol. This is essential for NAKIVO to operate effectively. If you have a firewall in place, it is imperative to enable the corresponding rule for SMB-in to facilitate uninterrupted communication.

Administrative Shares: It is crucial that the default administrative shares on your physical machine are enabled and accessible over the network. This ensures that NAKIVO can perform its duties without any hindrances.

We understand the importance of these requirements, as they directly impact the functionality of our software. By adhering to these guidelines, you can be confident in the smooth operation of NAKIVO within your business environment.

Should you have any further questions or require assistance with the implementation of these requirements, please do not hesitate to contact our support team: support@nakivo.com

Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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12 minutes ago, Ethan Shutika said:

I did verify SMB 2 was running and the C$ admin and IPC are showing as shared. 

@Ethan Shutika This issue seems to be specific and complex, and our support team is equipped to provide you with the personalized assistance needed to resolve it effectively. They have the expertise and tools to dig deeper into the problem, analyze logs, and provide tailored solutions to ensure your NAKIVO Backup & Replication experience runs smoothly.

Please send an email to our support team at support@nakivo.com, and include as much information as possible about your setup, the error message you're encountering, and any relevant configurations. This will help expedite the troubleshooting process and ensure a swift resolution to your issue.

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