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  1. If I have Nakivo installed and running on a vm how do i back it up? I noticed that if i try to include the nakivo vm in any existing backup jobs i run into issues.
  2. Do the "Self-healing" and "Verification" tasks guarantee that the backups are restorable?
  3. Hello, Is there or will there be a feature workflow added to automate testing backups on a scheduled bases?
  4. Okay that's what i thought but i wanted to confirm.
  5. The RDX is a network device, you see the web interface here https://youtu.be/0Bvzh_RsBPM?t=1236. It looks like each drive or volume can be a iscsi target that could be connected to the nakivo server and then a backup repository could be created on those iscsi drive targets right?
  6. @Official Moderator The use case for this would be to archive data on to the cartridges for long term storage and to follow the 3-2-1 backup rule https://www.nakivo.com/blog/3-2-1-backup-rule-efficient-data-protection-strategy/
  7. Is it possible for nakivo to backup to a rdx appliance like RDX® QuikStation™ 8
  8. It is something that i may be interested in but i would like to see a "how to" video on the process on your youtube. I saw that you have a "how to" video on amazon ec2 backups (which is old now by the way)
  9. Is it possible to do a Backup Copy job to Amazon S3?
  10. Could you please do a video for Nakivo B&R to Microsoft Azure ?
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