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  1. would it not be possible to use the cli to create a script that remotely initiates a backup job and simply have said script run everytime the notebook is booted up ? this would obviously fail in case the notebook is connected to a different network, but should successfully start the backup of the notebook in case it is connected to the company network
  2. edit: we have an enterprise essentials license
  3. our company is already using nakivo as a backup solution for our servers, now i would like to add a backup job for our physical clients (notebooks in our case), problem is that due to the nature of our workflows a lot of our ork is done on premises of the customer, and it is not predictable when the notebooks in question are connected to our internal network. this makes a regular scheduled backup job very impractical, since at any given point in time the devices may or may not be connected to our internal network. is there a way to initiate a backup of a notebook automatically when said notebook connects to our internal network ?
  4. A while ago i was talking to nakivo support about solutions to back up our companies notebooks, and we came to the conclusion that windows 11 was not yet supported, but will be in the next version (this was around late february if i recall correctly), since 10.6 has been released now i would like to know if the update includes support for windows 11, since i have not found any information on the matter so far.
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