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Slower VMware Backups since 09-2022 Patches

Thomas Graf

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  • Thomas Graf changed the title to Slower VMware Backups since 09-2022 Patches
8 hours ago, Thomas Graf said:


anyone else experiencing slower VMware Backups since September Patches?

We just noticed, the transfer speed drops from ~4GB/s to 1 - 1,5 GB/s

Someone else noticed such drops in VMware performance?

@Thomas Graf Thank you for your post. In the latest releases, there were changes in the NAKIVO workflow that were aimed at improvement of job performance. At the same time, in certain cases, they could lead to slower job speeds.

I would recommend you perform the following steps:

1. In the affected job, enable the option "Bottleneck detection."

2. Run the job manually or wait for its scheduled run.

3. Wait till the job finishes by itself (please do not stop the job. manually)

4. Generate a new support bundle and send it to us.

5. In the bundle description, let us know the affected job name, and we will check the logs.

We are looking forward to hearing from you 👍

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