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Cannot delete temporary snapshot


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Hello everybody,

i have a problem with the backup of vm´s between an esxi server and Nakivo.

The following notification appears:

Cannot delete temporary snapshot of the "X" VM
The "Temporary snapshot aa1fb513-816a-4675-8e07-6857c4f88905" snapshot created for backup purposes has taken too long to delete. Make sure it was removed or delete the snapshot manually.
We use a ESXi 6 server. Nakivo is backing up four ubuntu vm´s.  Three of the vm´s has 16 GB, one 20 GB. The vm with the problem has 16 GB.
The three other vm´s need 35 seconds to a minute to be backuped, the vm with the problem needs 39 minutes.
All vm´s runs on a VMFS5 Filesystem.
Maybe someone has an idea why three VM's are running normally and why one takes so long?


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Hello, @Tommy!

Please send us a support bundle. This way, our Support Team can solve your issue efficiently. 
Here you can find an instruction on how to generate a support bundle https://helpcenter.nakivo.com/display/NH/Support+Bundles

Please do not forget to indicate your ticket number #90594.

If you have any doubts, let me know.

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