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Microsoft 365 native backup


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@orlando Well, you can make some use of it. But to be honest, the built-in backup features are veryyyyy basic. I am concerned the most about compliance requirements. Microsoft 365 alone can barely cover someone's needs. We use an additional backup solution to avoid any legal troubles. It is the last thing I would want to deal with. 

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Hi, @orlando

To protect your critical data in Microsoft 365, integrate the following points to your backup strategy:

  • Endpoint security. First and foremost, protect your devices. Use antivirus, firewall, automate security updates, take your password choice seriously and access only protected Wi-Fi networks.
  • Multi-factor authentification is another great measure to take.
  • Protect the online conferencing space. Control who and how can access your team meetings.
  • Enable encryption.
  • Separate business and personal space even while using the BYOD system.
  • Ensure email protection against phishing attacks. 
  • Avoid and report scam messages and emails.
  • Consider using a third-party solution to have your data recoverable no matter what.

If you want to dig into Microsoft 365 backup challenges and best practices, check this blog post https://www.nakivo.com/blog/key-reasons-why-microsoft-365-backup-is-essential-for-remote-workers/

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