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  1. Hello, are there any plans for supporting Proxmox in the future? Regards, Oliver
  2. Hi, where can i download nakivo 10.11.0 for synology dsm 7 and higher? Regards, Oliver
  3. Hi, where can i download nakivo 10.9.0 for synology dsm 7? Regards, Oliver
  4. Hello MazterJedi, i have exact the same issue. Are you on 10.8? And is your NAS a Synology? First job run on new repository works without an issue and second run fails? I only have the issue with Backup Copy Jobs. Greetings Octek0815.
  5. Forget my last post, got it working. Thanx, Oliver
  6. Hi, thanks again for your quick response. If I want to update only the transporter, do I do the same? Regards, Oliver
  7. Hello, thank you for your quick reply. Well actually I only need a working 10.8 Transporter for the following devices... The latest available transporter from synology package center ist installed. Best Regards, Oliver
  8. Hi, how can i install nakivo 10.8.0 in synology dsm 7? Need Full Support for ESXi 8 thank you
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