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Wrong VM in backup

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the following initial situation:

- vmware ESXi 6.5 with 2 running VMs ( we'll call them VM01 and VM02 here)
- Restoring a VM (VM02) from the old backup (ghetto-VCB) and rename it to VM02r


This means that there are now 3 VMs on the host system
- VM01 (running)
- VM02 (running)
- VM02r (still switched off)

The backup job that is still scheduled for the backup of the VM02 has now not backed up the VM02, but the VM02r. I haven't changed anything in the job.

In the NAKIVO inventory of the ESXi host, only VM01 and VM02r can now be seen (see NAKIVO-pictures). The VM02 is no longer in the inventory and can therefore no longer be selected for a backup.


What can be the reason for this phenomenon? How do I get back to the VM02 without deleting the VM02r from the host?

Thx for Help

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